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Find out how containers can save you money, how to choose which modifications would best suit your needs, view container designs, see creative container uses and read about the latest container trends from around the world. Check out some of the articles to see why our team loves shipping containers!

Used Containers That Provide Unique Alternative Accomodation

Used Container Accomodation

Accommodation and housing requirements increase worldwide In countries across the world societies are struggling for access to numerous resources, especially during natural disasters. Clean water, power, healthcare and housing are among the necessities that many facing extremely challenging living conditions go without on a daily basis. Fortunately the provision of emergency housing is being addressed…


Shipping Container Conversions – 7 Steps To Make Your Dream Home


Modern, green architecture has evolved into using alternative methods and structures rarely thought of as suitable living quarters before. Many people are now looking at shipping container conversions as a way of building modern, eco-friendly homes. Twenty or forty feet long, eight feet wide, and about eight feet high in general, shipping container conversions can…


Shipping Containers Never Die – The Secondhand Container Story


Shipping Containers – The Backbone of Modern Trade: Pass by any working container port, anywhere in the world and you will immediately be struck by the sheer number of containers that are ready for loading onto ships bound for far shores or distribution to retailers, warehouses and industrial sites in the region. The site of…


Modified Containers – The Possibilities Are Endless


Shipping containers were originally designed to transport goods and livestock around the world, though an increase in availability of low cost second hand shipping containers has seen the advent of modified containers for hundreds of unique uses. Modified containers are shipping containers that have undergone alteration to suit any number of specific needs. We’ve seen…


Used Shipping Container – What are the Advantages?

Used Shipping Container

Second hand shipping containers provide a unique solution to your commercial, private storage and transportation requirements. With so many options for purchasing or hiring a brand new container, many people overlook the cost effective option of purchasing a second hand shipping container second hand. A second hand shipping container can offer all of the advantages of…