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The Gateway Gazette

The Gateway Gazette is the most informative and interesting shipping container blog online. Chock full of handy tips and tricks and insight from Australia’s leading container company on what’s new, used and modified in the shipping container industry.

Find out how containers can save you money, how to choose which modifications would best suit your needs, view container designs, see creative container uses and read about the latest container trends from around the world. Check out some of the articles to see why our team loves shipping containers!

Why Shipping Container Architecture Gets A Big Tick In Our Book


Surfing the internet you will find a bit of a rebellion taking place among certain factions of architects. Since around 2011 a growing number of them have been questioning the benefits of shipping container architecture. While they have some strong arguments we at Gateway Container Sales aren’t in full agreement. Let’s look at their reasons…


Luxury Shipping Container Houses: How Much Would You Spend on a Container Home?


Over the last few years we at Gateway Container Sales have written a lot about various types of shipping container homes. They are renowned for being cheap and easy to build, with much of the work done off site before the containers are effectively dropped into position and fitted together. Where low cost high density…


Shipping Container Portals – A Means For People to Connect All Over the World


In this high speed, hyperconnected world in which we move there are, ironically, ever fewer opportunities to make random connections and to have abstract conversations with strangers. Where once a bus or a train journey was an opportunity to meet complete strangers and talk about our worlds, almost everyone dives into their smartphone or tablet…


Shipping Container Wine Tasting Centre in Tasmania


Sometimes an area of astounding natural beauty with minimal human settlement demands exquisite architecture to both compliment and enhance the natural environment. The Devil’s Corner Cellar Door for the Brown Brothers winery in Apslawn, Tasmania does just this. The one-storey main building is composed of a series of repurposed shipping containers with a lookout tower connected to…


Spotlight on a Remote Control, Portable Container Home


A company has developed a remote control, fold out shipping container workspace or home. This tackles many of the issues and limitations surrounding single unit shipping containers. Looking at a shipping container home, even with a 40ft (2 TEU) container the dimensions are fairly limiting. They are narrow yet long and even with the broad imagination…


5 Reasons Why A Hired Shipping Container is the Best Storage Solution


You might be moving home or renovating and need somewhere secure and safe to keep your belongings during the disruption. So why not hire a shipping container for a few weeks or months? For a low price you can rent a container that suits your needs. Here are 5 reasons you should consider hiring a…


Do’s and Dont’s of Building a Shipping Container Home in the Desert


That a shipping container is a metal box shouldn’t deter you from designing and building a container home in a hot environment – many people, have done this very successfully! We will look at some ideas that work, and some that don’t in this piece. They include using your garden to shade you, as well as…